Working on the cover blurb!

I’ve received the paperwork from my publisher to fill out for the cover blurb of Seiðman.  This isn’t necessarily the way all publishers do this, but Harmony Ink likes to ask the author for descriptions of the key characters and the setting, as well as the general idea and tone of the story, so the editor who comes up with a blurb can have some idea what to aim for.  They also asked me for the brief description of the novel in my cover letter, which is almost a blurb in and of itself.  I’ll have the chance to tweak what they come up with later.

One of the questions that’s still baffling me is the one that asks me to list adjectives that describe the feel of the story.  Is it “realistic”?  Perhaps.  What about “harsh”?  Well, the environment it takes place in can be, but I’m not sure that the story is.  Then again, Kol (the main character) does have to escape from a hall that King Olaf sets on fire, with several of Kol’s friends trapped inside.  That’s pretty harsh!

I’m not going to hold my publisher to anything yet, but I’ve been told that a summer release date is likely!

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