Dedications, Acknowledgements and…Maps?

My publisher sent me a form to fill out for the front matter of my novel, Seiðman:  dedications, acknowledgements, character lists, stuff like that.

The dedication is relatively easy.  It will be dedicated to my husband, Erich, who has seen me and the novel through years of drafts and all of my ups and downs on the way to getting Seiðman published.

There are a few people I’d like to mention in an Acknowledgements section, especially the women in Norway and Sweden who provided some wonderful feedback on my handling of the culture and history of their countries.  Also, my friend, Roxanne, who is a medieval historian and provided some great feedback from that angle.  And then there are various friends who read and critiqued it as a story.  But I might want to ask people if they want to be included.

The novel will also come with a short vocabulary list.  I think there were about twenty Old Icelandic words I used.

But the most intrigueing thing that was mentioned on the form was the possibility of a map.  This is probably something you see more often in fantasy novels, but I’ve read novels about Vikings which had maps at the beginning.  Seiðman takes place in the same Iceland, Norway and Sweden that can be found on Google maps today, but many of the place names have changed.  So it’s worth considering.  I don’t think it would be hard for me to draw.

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