First Wave of Edits for “Seidhman”

I received the first edits for my novel, Seiðman, last night.  It’s pretty intimidating to think of going through 64,500 words, looking at every detail, including minutiae about Norse history that I can’t expect my editors to know.  I went through it all before submitting it, of course, but now I have just one or two edits to make sure I haven’t missed something.

Time of day is something I need to pay particular close attention to.  When I first had someone in Iceland review the story, she pointed out the fact that Iceland only has about two hours of “night” in midsummer, and that never really gets completely dark.  So I changed descriptions in some major scenes — got rid of starry skies, and so on — but I need to make sure I’m consistent all the way through.  That means checking time of year against a table of sunset/sunrise for that time of year at that particular latitude.  I’ll have to do this for Norway, too.  And maybe Sweden.

And it all has to be turned in by Friday, the 13th.  Good thing I’m not superstitious.

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