Second Wave Of Edits On “Seiðman” Done!

I turned in the second wave of editing on my YA novel, Seiðman, this Monday.  I’m not sure if there will be another round of edits or not, but I would love it, if there is, because every time I go through the manuscript I find more to correct.

This time it was the description of the night sky on Midsummer night in Iceland:  it doesn’t actually get dark, because the sun is only just dipping below the horizon for about two hours.  So you don’t see stars, really.  It’s more of a grayish twilight.  I didn’t know this when I wrote the early drafts of the novel, since I have yet to travel to Iceland.  Fortunately, somebody who lives there corrected me on that.  I could have sworn I’d corrected it in the novel before submitting it to Harmony Ink, but…apparently not.

I know I’ll get a final galley proof to go over, before it goes “to press,” but it’s a litle late to do much editing at that point — it’s mostly to check for typos and missing words.  (One of the most common mistakes that end up in published books is dropped words.  Our brain fills them in, so we can read the same sentence twenty times and not notice a missing “the”.)

I haven’t yet seen any drafts of the cover.  I did approve a final draft of the cover blurb, though.

In the meantime, I’ve finished up a final draft of a YA fantasy novel called The Guardians Awaken that i’ll be submitting to Harmony Ink this weekend.  The only thing that remains is for me to come up with a summary of Book Three in the trilogy — The Guardians Awaken is Book One.  I’ve already come up with a summary of the second book.  But my publisher told me she really wanted to have the summaries done before I submitted Book One, so she has an idea where I’m going with it.

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