“Dreams of Fire and Gods: Book 2 (Fire)” is finished!

Well, almost finished. I’m working on the final draft now and about a quarter done with that. Of course, if my beta readers come back with, “My god, what were you thinking? Were you drunk when you wrote this piece of crap?” then I may have to rethink things.

But so far, I think it’s pretty good.  I even teared up at the end.  Because the end was sad, I mean.  Not because I was crying about how awful it was.

Book One (Awakening) is supposedly going out in December, which means I probably won’t go into editing on it until November.  By then, I’ll probably be working on Book Three — ROBOT ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

That’s a joke.  Book Three isn’t called Robot Zombie Apocalypse.  Don’t get your hopes up on that point.  It will probably be called Dreams of Fire and Gods: Gods (in keeping with the theme).  Maybe.

Maybe I should have called Book One Dreams of Fire and Gods: Dreams or Dreams of Fire and Gods: Dreaming.

I really suck at titles.

Anyway, I’ll probably be taking a short break from the trilogy after I turn this one over to my publisher on Friday. I promised a fan that I would get back to work on another story.

3 thoughts on ““Dreams of Fire and Gods: Book 2 (Fire)” is finished!

  1. Ooohhhh I just read your book yesterday: Seidman, and now you have a new fan. So I’m visiting your site just to find this great news, you’re already working on a new project!! Wuuuu!!!

    For a minute there, I really thought your next book was going to be called ROBOT ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!! and I must admit I was thinking damn! That sounds crazy, but not in a bad way… hehehehe

    I can’t wait for december to be here, I’m dying to read that new book of yours and are thrilled to know is a trilogy! See you around.

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